5 Ideas For Hanging A Hammock From a Truck

Finding a way to hang a hammock when you’re out and about can be tricky (normally because of lack of suitable trees), so the thought of using the pickup truck you came in there with to somehow fully support the thing, or at least hang one end off comes into many owners’ minds.

On this article, I offer different solutions on how to do the exact same thing. Have fun!

Do you want to use a tree?

The first question you have to ask yourself is “how do I want to attach that hammock?”.

That is to say, do you want to utilize one tree as an anchor point for the hammock, or none at all…

If that’s what you’re looking for, keep on reading.

Single tree setups

The possibilities here, I think, are the most varied you can get.

You can really hang a hammock from your truck off of many points, really. You just have to be confident that the surface is sturdy enough to support your weight.

That being said, there are some better solutions than this.

I just don’t like the fact that you put all that stress on the bed rail, as over time I feel it could change its shape.

I think this method is that much better.

First of all, it raises the hammock that much higher, which is important to do in order to achieve the right angle anyway.

Secondly, all the stress is put on the bed extender and the hitch, not the truck itself.

Personally I would feel much safer using this combination than one I mentioned above. That being said, not having to haul a big bed extender just so you could hang a hammock is nice too.

But you don’t have to go out of your way to buy a bed extender just for this hammocking deal. If you’re handy with welding, or are willing to pay someone to get one made for you, it can come out cheaper, if not even more sturdy to begin with.

This idea on Tacoma World should set you off on the right track.

What about hanging it in the bed?

You certainly can, though the “hammock” won’t be the actual thing, rather somewhat of a cargo net.

Now again, this is more of a alternative than anything, but if you want something that resembles the real thing in a pinch and just uses up your truck’s box length, this may be all you need.

Better ideas

Hitch mount

One of the better ways I’ve seen on hanging a hammock, without even using a single tree, is with a hitch mount.

It just goes into your standard receiver hitch, you extend its arms and hook up the hammock, it’s just that simple.

The only, well, “problem” might be the fact that it costs almost 500$ (at least at the time of writing this article).

That’s definitely quite steep of a pay, but premium niche products like these, especially so when they are made in the US of A, are the reason for it.

Tire mount

Another interesting idea would be to go for a mount on which you just have to drive on.

Position the pickup’s tires on the metal feet, and you have a solid stand for your hammock.

What’s my overall take on this?

If we talk solely using your truck as an anchor point for a hammock, not buying anything else and just tying off the end around the bed rail, tailgate, rack or a point you see suitable may be all that’s needed.

But again, you really have to be confident that the weight you put on won’t stress that part. Then again, many folks done the same thing many times and have never run into any problems, so there’s that.

So if it was me to choose, going for the hitch mounted option is still the way to go.

I just love the fact that all of the weight is put on the hitch, and not anywhere on the pickup’s body itself.

And even then, the most important benefit is the fact that you don’t have to use trees! Park anywhere you want, and use the hitch mount as a self contained stand for your hammock.

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