Ideas For Mounting A Fire Extinguisher In A Pickup Truck

Having your own truck catch on fire is definitely not a common occurrence, but hey, it happens.

Surely, there can be a lot of reasons why would a vehicle want to do that, but one thing for sure, if you want to prevent further damage, you have to stop the fire in its track.

It’s best to use a fire extinguisher in the earliest stages of a fire. Do not think that you can stop your pickup, or really any other car from a fiery blaze, as an extinguisher of such size really can’t do much at that point.

It’s nice to have one even in those situations where no vehicle fire is imminent, like putting out a bit of grass fire, camp fire, you get the point.

In some cases, an extinguisher is purely a requirement if you run some sort of business with your truck.

There are definitely many reasons why you would want to have one, but first you have to figure out a way to mount it. You definitely do not want to have a fire extinguisher rolling around in the back, as that can end up triggering it.

Secure it under the driver’s seat

The best, regardless whether we talk about trucks or not, place to mount the fire extinguisher, at least in my honest opinion, is right under where you sit.

Reason why is because it is right in your arms reach, and that only helps save time in those very needy moments.

For this to work, you will need to get a mount. Some people figure out their own ways to do it, although usually that will end up requiring some sort of drilling, not unless you go for this (link to Amazon)

Again, there are owners who end up using just a pair of zip ties to get the fire extinguisher nice and snug, but i personally don’t feel it being as safe as using a specifically designed mount for the situation.

Bed mounting

I would only go for this method if you already have a fire extinguisher in the cab, as i feel that you should have a primary one as close to you as possible.

The good news about mounting an extinguisher in the bed is that there are a lot more ways to do it: depending on the current setup you run, you could place it near the bed rails, if you have no canopy on, or closer to the tailgate if that’s the case.

Really, you can be a lot more creative here, though i would still advice not keeping it tucked too far away, like in a tool box, if possible.

I think the best combination would be to keep a more compact fire extinguisher under your seat, and a more beefy one inside the bed, just in case.

This mount from Amazon will work great in many of those applications.

What fire extinguisher should i buy?

A 2.5 pound ABC class (such as this one) fire extinguisher is normally enough for any type of pickup truck to stop really random, small fire you might stumbled into, though you can always go for something bigger.

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