Is It Safe To Stack A Leveling Kit On Top Of A Lift Kit?

To start off, why would anybody even want to do so? One of the reasons, if not primary is to increase the amount of lift the truck already has.

Maybe you’ve driven with a 4 inch kit for some time, but now feel like you want to bump it up a notch – buying a new 6 inch lift kit altogether is expensive, so adding a leveling spacer comes to many minds.

Perhaps you want to put on them bigger tires, though your current level of lift doesn’t cut it – the idea of adding a leveling spacer also makes sense here.

With that said, can this be done, or in other words, safe to apply on your pickup?

Not really, but…

You see, if or not can this work out on your pickup truck has all to do with what quality of a lift kit we’re talking about here.

It’s not a surprise that some kits, and in this specific instance i mean suspension kind, are worse than others.

In short, if you install a leveling spacer on top of a suspension kit that is not capable of handling the increase in height, well, you put yourself at danger here.

But how do you know that? How can you find out whether the lift kit your pickup boasts is up to the task of handling, for example, a 2 inch or so spacer on top?

Figuring out the quality of your existing lift

Well, doing that yourself can be possible, but because of the possibility you can go wrong here, i can only suggest you to take the truck to a shop that specifies in this sort of thing.

Them peoples will tell if doing so is any worth or not, if they know their stuff well that is.

As always, there are guys out there who slap a spacer on top of what they already have not knowing much and claim that they driven thousands of miles without any issues, though as always, we have to use common sense.

Just that something has worked for a single individual, who may have a completely different pickup, lift kit, tires and all that to begin with, doesn’t mean the same applies to you.

What about a leveling kit on top of an already existing leveling kit?

Do not, by any means necessary, stack leveling spacers on top of each other.

There is a reason why lift kits, that is, proper suspension kits also include parts to upgrade the existing vehicle’s suspension system.

Putting more level to a stock truck only asks for problems. If the leveling spacers have grown too small for your needs, upgrade to a quality lift kit.

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  1. I have a 2013 F150 4wd with a 6 inch rough country lift kit with the 6inch strut assembly how could I get 2 more inches in the front & rear of my truck to put bigger tires?

  2. i have a 2010 dodge ram 2500 5.7 with a 5in rough country suspension lift on it.. my rear sits 1 1/2 ” higher from top of tire to fender than my front does… can i simply put a 1 1/2″ suspreme suspension leveling puck on it?? safely??!!!!????

    1. I just tried this with a maxtrac spacer on top. Wouldn’t recommend! CV boots torn within 200 miles and I now have to take the leveling spacers out!

  3. If it is 4wd you will need longer cv axles, because a 6 inch lift is already putting a bad angle, so the extra 2in will cause some problems

  4. i have the 7.5 rough country lift but i wanted to add the lower 1-2 inch spacer to give the front a little more height . i have a 2008 silverado on 26x14s

      1. yes this will work, depending on your set up worst that can happen is the ride will suck, if you have extended struts you wont feel much of a difference.

  5. I have a 2017 GMC Sierra with a 4 inch SST lift from ReadyLift, could I add a 2 inch leveling kit to get 6 inches?

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