How To Mount A Flag On A Truck Without Drilling

Flags and trucks go together like nothing else.

And while it is certainly a match made in heaven, figuring out how to fly it on your truck without the need of drilling may be a bit of a head scratcher, unless you read my post, that is.

Using a 2×4

If your truck has those slots you can wedge a 2×4 in, you may try this out.

A piece of 2×4 wedged in a recess that is provided by the bed cover. It is close to the cab.
Image by bspangler from

Doing so gives you a flat piece of surface you are welcome to drill a hole into, and put your flag of choice.

The tighter you make the hole to the diameter of the flag pole the better – this way, there is little room for wobbling.

You just have to make sure to secure that board there nice enough. A couple of ratchet straps twisted around it and tightened to some tie down points is going to be good.

You may also install the flag, or many if you wish, when the board is placed there vertically:

A piece of lumber wedged in slots provided by the bed cover. The board is positioned vertically, so are the flags which are attached to it.
Image by Nickolewnik from

Build a stand

Building a stand that sits right by the bed sides may prove to be a more elegant solution, albeit not as portable.

A flag stand that is built from multiple pieces of timber for reinforcement, positioned right by the cab. A ratchet strap is being used for additional security.
Image by perfectstorm13 from

You don’t need to make it from wood either. I’ve seen people build them from pieces of PVC. Having said that, solid timber structure like the one above does look better, and feels safer…

Compared to the the first idea I suggested to you, this one is certainly going to stand the test of time better, and just looks more proper. Though putting it in and out is going to be a bit more work.

Stake pockets!

Don’t we all love stake pockets? Sure they make solid tie down points, but you can use one as a flag base too.

3D printed stake pocket mounts for flag poles.
Making them from wood works too.

The idea is to encase the flag pole end with a sort of block that can fit right into a stake pocket hole, without budging much.

And that’s all there is to it. Leave it be and make it fly!

Bed rail holder

If your truck bed has an easy access to bed rails, purchasing a mount that fits right there may be just what you’re looking for.

See it on Amazon

It’s a sort of clamp, really. You tighten it down to either one rail from the underside, and put your flag where it goes. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

DIY ideas I presented earlier may not be for everybody – purchasing an already made, solid solution like this one, might be more of a thing for you.

Hitch flagpole holder

A flag mount that uses your truck’s hitch receiver is a great solution for those who need to fly their flag high.

It’s a fan favorite for one main reason – it sits right in the hitch, without any need to take up the precious bed space.

Check it out here.

What should you go for?

The question boils down to how and where you want to put your flag at display.

If it’s only when parked, like tailgating or camping, all of the ideas I suggested above will work.

Now if you want to take the thing on a freeway, a more solid mount will be required. I’ve definitely read and heard of a few folks who built their flag holder from scratch and flew it at 70 mph (113 km/h).

Can I say exactly how and what to do to achieve the same result? Sadly no, as it’s entirely subjective.

What I do know for sure is that if I am to put my money into something, I would feel more at ease by purchasing an already made, solid mount like the bed rail holder I’ve talked about earlier.

Close to the cab or tailgate?

There is an entirely different look to the flag when it’s put right by the cab of the truck, as opposed to closer to the tailgate. Something to think about.

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