Leveled Pickup Truck With Stock Tires | Does It Look Better?

Applying a lift kit on a pickup truck is one of the most iconic and popular upgrades you can get done, though starting with something smaller is a great idea as well.

By this i mean installing a leveling kit – all it is is just a pair of spacers that go on both of the front springs, that’s all.

Normally, whenever you raise the truck by whatever inches you want, you also upgrade to bigger tires. But what about not doing that, in other words, keeping the tires stock? Can the result still look respectable enough?

It can

Now this is obviously more of a personal opinion than anything, but i think many people would agree that a leveled truck does look better than the raked, i.e. stock one.

But it’s not that simple, really. You see, not every pickup truck is created equal, so just because one has 20 inch stock wheels doesn’t mean that the other will have the same sized kind, therefore as a result everything can look different.

Take for example, a Toyota Tacoma – it may come standard with 30 inch tires (depending on year and model), while a GMC Sierra 1500 with larger 31 inchers.

With that in mind, the GMC will probably end up looking better with a 2 inch leveling kit than the Tacoma, because the tires it came from the factory are bigger.

*Larger tires fill up the empty space of a wheel well more, that’s why it can look to some nicer.

Raising the front of the truck can rarely make it look worse than before, it’s just that there are times when in some examples the end result may look better than on the others; though then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

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