Is Lifting A 2WD Pickup Truck A Bad Idea?

The trucks that are 4WD are primarily the ones which get lifted to some extent, although there are owners of 2WDs that want to do the same thing.

This idea alone makes many fanboys raise their eyebrows, laugh and eventually make fun of the idea and you for even thinking of doing that.

But that aside, does lifting a two-wheel drive pickup make any sense, or the boys were right all along?

Stop worrying about what others think and do it

Image by Jenni via Flickr

The only way i could tell you that doing so is wrong is if lifting a 2WD pickup truck could somehow damage it, which certainly does not.

The reason why such idea gets neglected by some truck enthusiasts simply lies in the logic of the vehicle’s use.

The main goal of lifting a pickup is to increase its ground clearance, so it would be more capable in off-road situations, and a two-wheel drive goes against that idea, kind of.

If you was to do some type of extreme hill climbing, mudding and so, you should have got a four-wheel drive truck in the first place, as it would perform better in those conditions regardless of whether it would be lifted or not.

But here’s the deal – it does not matter, especially if you’re not going to be doing much off-road fun.

There are owners who lift their trucks as high as mechanically possible, install the biggest tires and never take them out on the country roads; in that case, they should be picked on about being absolute hypocrites for not using the vehicles for what they’re modded to, right?

Matter of fact, 4WD pickup trucks are more or less overrated.

I’ve heard more than one person saying that even though they have the four-wheel drive, they may have used it only a handful of times.

Even if you have some incline, mud in your driveway or the places you go, the 4WD is normally not that needed, really.

Again, the whole purpose of not lifting a pickup that’s powered by two wheels is really just some type of insult people came up with, and as “funny” as it might sound, this is the main reason why folks are refraining from doing the same thing on their ride.

More reasons why 2WD trucks are better


You can save quite a bit of money when buying a two-wheel drive instead of the common 4×4.

The only reason why i personally see a four-wheel drive truck being a better choice, not including the obvious off-roading wishes, is if the place you live is known for bad weather.

By that i mean cold weather in particular which leads to snow and icy roads, mainly in combination with a hilly terrain.

Save more on gas!

Everyone likes to save some gas money, and two-wheel drive trucks generally consume less fuel on average when compared to the 4WD’s.

That all has to do with the fact that less wheels need to be powered, not to mention the vehicle itself weighs less.

Less expensive to maintain

Considering that a 4×4 pickup, or any vehicle in such configuration for that matter, has more moving parts, it will be costlier to fix when things go wrong.

Why lifting a 2WD truck is great

Well first of all, just like any lifted pickup truck, it will look cooler. You don’t even need to get a lift kit installed for that, simple leveling kit should do the trick, especially if you don’t need that much clearance.

A lifted two-wheel drive pickup will still perform better in off-road situations because it’ll sit on a higher level, not to mention you’ll be able to put on larger wheels.

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