Dually Or Single Rear Wheels For Off-Road | What Is Better For A Pickup Truck?

What kind of off-road are we talking about here?

How good can four wheels in the back perform entirely depends on how extreme the terrain is – if it is pure deep, boggy mud or sand, well, a single wheel setup is almost always going to perform better.

Why is the dually option worse in those instances i can’t really explain, but some think it has something to do with too much wheels being driven at once, them not following the same track as the front, the space in between the wheels clogging up with mud, etc.

One thing for sure is that having just two wheels in the rear will definitely be better in those gnarly conditions, although that doesn’t mean that the duallys are always bad.

When it’s better to have dual rear wheels

Even though having twice as many wheels in the rear was not really made for having fun in the mud, they can still serve a great purpose in familiar conditions.

Dually pickup trucks can work just as good as singles when going through not-so-crazy type of off-road, especially when towing a camper or having a bigger load in the bed, which is why this sort of thing exists in the first place.

Let me tell you, i would rather have DRW, in other words, dually truck and be able to tow my RV through the trails than own a SRW and forget about it.

Simply put, a DRW pickup is a great idea for those who want to take their camper, RV or the heavier load in the bed to the trails, remote campsites, or even traveling, if that’s your thing – the key here is to not do the same if the road is nothing more than just deep rough.

Things to keep in mind with the DRW…

Because this type of pickup truck sports more wheels, it’s going to be a bit wider because of it. This might not seem much of a problem at first, but if you indeed would want to take your rig out there on the trail, you may end up not being able to fit in all of the places.

If you would still ever want to take the dually in the deeper mud and try out your luck, load up the bed with more weight, as this will help a lot with the traction issues.

Keep in mind that because the rear wheels have a space in between them, not only can they stick some mud there, but also any other road debris. Considering the fact that you will be driving through more of the unsurfaced roads, be careful about it to not pop a tire.

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