Removing The Lift Kit On A Truck – Possible?

It’s certainly not a surprise that a lift kit is one of the main go-to modifications for those who want to get a lot more out of their truck, though the truth is, not everyone is into that.

There are pickup owners who flat out hate being so high up in the air! All of the climbing inside the cab, harder time when using the bed, rougher ride and so is enough for them to never want one of this nature.

Many of the pickup trucks that are sold used already come with some sort of lift mod, so if you’re one of those people who does not want anything to do with it, you know what i’m talking about.

On this blog post i will be talking about the topic of if you can actually get rid of the lift kit, and all about it.

Doable, but not easy

To put it simply, you can always return the truck back to its stock height, it’s just that it won’t be as simple as it may seem at first.

If you didn’t know, for a pickup to be lifted in the first place some parts need to be removed, others literally cut out, and by cutting out i mean taking out a little of the crossbeam or so.

What this means is that you can only, and i mean only lower the truck back to its original height if you have all of the parts that were taken out with you.

What if i don’t have them?

In case you bought the truck with a lift already there, or installed one by yourself in the past, anything that was left from the process was probably thrown out a long time ago – fortunately, there is still something you can do to get them back.

Basically, you have to find a person who is willing to trade-in the stock parts of his pickup with the lift kind you have.

Finding the potential one for this deal isn’t really that hard – think about it, you will be giving away a kit that costs a lot pretty much for free, so why wouldn’t anyone go for it, considering they would not need those parts anyway?

What you can do is just post an ad online that you’re looking for someone to go for this type of thing, which should get you sorted out pretty quickly. Also, post a thread or two on your vehicle specific forums as this is also a great way to find an interested bunch.

Instead of all that, try out your luck by visiting a salvage yard or two. You may find just what you need, without needing to trade anything.

But should you really remove the lift kit?

If you ask me, i wouldn’t really consider removing, lowering or tinkering with the lift the truck already came with in any way, and here’s the main reason – it can cost a lot.

The actual price you would need to pay for such a procedure really does depend on what kind of brand the kit is, how much it raises the pickup truck and all that, but i can tell you one thing, be prepared to pay close to as much as the install itself.

Perhaps it is more of a biased opinion than anything, but hey, i don’t like removing something that is not broken regardless, so take it how you want it.

Sure, if you can do all of that by yourself, this certainly doesn’t sound as bad, though how many owners can actually go for it? Did you see how complicated the process can be?


Let me tell you one thing, if you’re thinking of buying a truck and all you can see is the lifted kind, don’t be paranoid.

If the right brand was used and the job was done properly, rarely can the pickup be just that much worse than a stock one, even if you will only tow trailers or do work with it.

You should get the thing checked out by a professional mechanic regardless, and if the things are that bad as you think, he will tell you all.

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