What’s The Difference Between Traction Bars And Ladder Bars?

Do you want to perform boosted launches, burnouts or participate in races here and there on your pickup truck? Well, in that case you need to put some additional support on the rear to prevent axle wrap.

How do you do it, you may ask? To put it simply, all you have to do is install a pair of bars which would bind the axle to the frame, though here’s the catch – there are two devices that can be used here: traction or ladder bars.

I will be trying my best to answer the question of is there any difference between the two to begin with, and if so, what is it?

Similar, but not the same

Let me start by telling you that both of these terms are sometimes used to refer only one thing, yet in reality there are two distinct products at play here.

The primary aspect which makes the traction bars unique from the ladder ones is the way they connect. Essentially, in order for traction bars to function, they need to be installed only to one point on both ends.

This certainly won’t make the wheel hop any worse or better, but one thing for sure, the suspension now won’t have as much travel, or in other words, articulation.

In comparison, the ladder bars do not impact the suspension softness as much – this feature can only be important if you also consider to go on the more off-roady trails.

In other words, if your goal is to only do drag racing, truck pulling type of stuff or even tow trailers, if there’s ever a need for it, traction bars can be the better choice, though at the same time some go for the alternative and still get great results.


High quality pair of any of these two choices can cost more than five hundred dollars, although if we compare the price between the two, i usually find the ladder bars costing more. I think it even makes sense why as it is simply a more complicated piece of equipment.

If you haven’t noticed already, they also do look a lot different – it’s definitely a thing for enthusiasts to go for the ladder type just because they do tend to look more savage, except i don’t think they care about what they’re intended for.

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