4 Steps To Try If Your Pickup Truck Doesn’t Fit In The Garage

Every man and woman knows that pickups aren’t cheap. Leaving them outside as they are is definitely one of the last things a person who actually loves and cherishes his vehicle would do.

And that’s exactly why people opt for keeping them inside their garages – the only problem here is that they are not really modeled for the vast size of a truck, therefore you may end up having a rather hard time getting it inside of one.

Sometimes it is the height issue, others it comes just a bit short for you to be able to close the door. Either way, i wrote some tips you could try implementing in your case that could make it all possible.

Things to try

Remove any accessories that add size

I mean, it should be a no-brainer as it is, but some folks forget even this rather obvious step.

Any sort of hitch, canopy, custom mirrors or whatever really could be adding additional inches to your truck, so taking them off, if possible, can make it possible for you to finally fit the thing in the garage.

Change up the space

Garages are one of those places where everything is kept, therefore removing a thing or two from one can provide you with enough wiggle room to get a pickup inside.

That can be a table, workbench or even shelves fitted to the corners, filled with nothing more than random miscellaneous stuff that only rob the much needed inches.

Use a ramp

Driving into the garage and elevating the back with an incline could make it possible for you to get just enough clearance for the vehicle to fit.

A ramp can be made relatively easily with just about any wood, preferably pressure treated, to prevent rot.

Install a roll pan

A roll pan is essentially a bumper that doesn’t stick out, that is, it sits level with the closed tailgate.

I guess you already see where this is going – applying such, rather invasive modification, will shorten the pickup truck by some.

It definitely won’t have the same added level of protection like a proper bumper, but if you really want to squeeze the vehicle in without that much investment, this is a great way to do so.

Here’s a variety of them you can buy off Amazon (affiliate link).

Lengthen the garage

If all else fails, sadly there’s nothing else you can do but start considering more drastic measures.

The first thing you should think about is the doors. Most of them are installed more on the inside, i.e. something like a sectional door.

The problem with these types of doors is that they take up quite a bit of room vertically, but also shorten the actual length of the garage, too.

Putting swing out doors instead can end up providing you with a lot more space.

This doesn’t solve the issue all the time, so extending, that is, adding up to the actual structure can be the only option left for you in order to hold your beloved pickup truck.

The wrap-up

Truth be told, i know and actually heard of a lot of people who do end up spending thousands of dollars remaking their garages just to have the option to store their trucks.

The same can be said about purchasing them in the first place – it’s not uncommon for people to go for a pickup that can only fit their garage size.

What I’m trying to say with all this is that owners do go for rather crazy ideas just so they could be able to keep their vehicles out of the elements, so don’t think that you’re not normal for wanting the same, even if your significant other thinks differently.

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