4 Best Awnings For Pickup Trucks

Yeah, pickup trucks are amazing, but you don’t want to be steaming inside of one when the weather is great, or even a bit worse and you still want to be outside.

This is where awnings come into play. They come in many shapes and sizes, so i hope the information I provide below will help you figure out what to get.


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The awning can be purchased in three different sizes: 4.1 by 6.9 feet, 6.6 by 6.6 feet or 8.2 by 8.2 feet.

Personally i feel, and so do many of those who already bought an awning for their truck, is that you should always get the biggest one you can.

A larger awning will simply provide you with more area of coverage, which is always a great thing when there’s more people who want to take shelter, or the weather, rain in particular, is worse.

Although a big awning is generally superior, there are still times when the smallest one makes more sense.

A small awning is also a light one. That alone can make it far easier to pitch on your pickup truck, especially if done alone. Not to mention, it will prove to be less of a hassle when taking on and off.

Mounts primarily to a roof rack. In case of a pickup, having it attached just around the cab area means only the most compact of awnings will work. You will be able to install a larger awning once you either get a camper shell that has a rack going along its length, or over-the-cab ladder rack.

A crucial aspect of a long-lasting cover is the quality of the material it’s made from. The ARB ARB4401A canvas is 300gsm thick; there are more specific parameters of a tough fabric, but in this particular instance, the higher number is always better, and truth be told, it’s the highest of them all on this article.

Has telescopic legs. Not only does the option of extending and shortening the legs of an awning makes it easy to store and set up, it also gives you the ability of creating an angle.

Positioning the shade on a bit of a decline helps prevent the rain from accumulating on top, and even though the tarp itself is waterproof, it can still rip if you don’t do that.

Protected from UV rays. Ultraviolet radiation can damage just about any fabric that can’t withstand it, so having an awning that’s shielded against it is only good.

Comes with guy ropes and pegs, that will aid in securing the product to the ground better if the weather gets worse.

Things to consider before buying

The most expensive awning. As they say, quality comes with price, but if you don’t want to spend the most amount of money on such accessory, check out the alternatives i talk about below.

In conclusion

ARB (Amazon affiliate link) is the clear industry leader when it comes to awnings for any sort of vehicle, trucks in this case.

Sure they cost a bit, but if you want something that’s going to last you a long time, don’t be cheap and get it.

Smittybilt 2784

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The main competitor to the ARB awnings, this specific Smittybilt can be purchased in only two sizes, that is, 8.2 by 6.2 feet or 6.5 by 6.5.

The tarp is made from 280g rated polyester cotton, meaning it could be a bit less durable.

Once again, the legs of this awning can be extended and shortened any way you like it.

UV protected.

Has all the ropes and stakes for stiffening up the construction when the time comes.

The biggest advantage, if you could call it so, of this Smittybilt awning is the cost. You can expect to pay about 25% less for the same sized cover compared to the ARB, depending on the current price.

Things to consider before buying

Doesn’t have smaller sized options. Again, this might not be as important for a pickup owner, but there are still some who’d rather buy a more compact one, considering it can also save some money.

In conclusion

In my opinion, even though the product is slightly cheaper than the ARB, it’s definitely not better.

I simply find it to be not as stout or made from the same quality components. The Smittybilt 2784 (buy off Amazon) will last a long time if proper care is taken, but i still don’t think its as good as the ARB ARB4401A.

Smittybilt 5662424

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You probably already noticed that this awning looks a bit different, and that probably has something to do with the fact that it resembles a shade more than an awning.

The product measures 10 x 6 feet, but it’s not a rectangle – at the attachment point the material is only about 3 feet wide.

What makes up for the small size is the simplicity of installation. The awning, if you could call it so, can be deployed from just about any part of a pickup truck without much hassle.

It can also fold up into a backpack-like container you can carry on your back.

The cheapest “awning” I’ve reviewed on this post.

Things to consider before buying

The leg height cannot be adjusted. This will make it harder to set up the item on an uneven ground. The legs aren’t that long either, and that can make everything you do under the awning a bit annoying, especially if the truck is also lifted.

Not a permanent solution. In some cases that’s an advantage, although installing an awning and taking it off every time you move can become rather annoying.

In conclusion

Let’s be honest here, the cover is a basic alternative to a proper awning for a pickup.

It won’t stand much of a chance against the strongest of winds, neither is it much water resistant, but i think the shade still serves its purpose, like to those people who just need an inexpensive way of shielding themselves from the blazing sun in a pinch.

You can get the thing on Amazon by clicking here.

Hasika Light Weight Awning

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What surprises me about this awning, or a tent cover for that matter, is that it is quite large: 11.5 feet long by 7.9 feet wide. It’s not a flat piece of tarp either, as the product looks more similar to a tent because of the bent contour.

Now as the awning is rounded, it’ll work exceptionally good with pickup trucks that have caps on – after installing one on the back, you’ll be able to open and use the bed without any problems!

Generally a very affordable option.

Things to consider before buying

Not a high quality product, at least as an awning. Any sort of stronger wind could potentially pick it up like a kite, unless you really try your best anchoring the thing to the ground.

Not really practical for somebody who wants to have a cover ready in mere minutes.

In conclusion

This tent awning isn’t really made for those people who want to have a weather-proof cover ready to go quickly, although it can prove to be the right choice if your goal is to use it on a picnic or so.

Awning use tips

Adhering a piece of LED strip light under an awning can provide much needed brightness in the darker periods of the day, and simply make it look cooler.

The thing about awnings is that they don’t have any sort of side protection, and if the wind and rain is more fierce, you can still end up getting slightly wet. The issue can be solved by purchasing one, or even a couple of wind side breakers.

Not every truck owner is as fond to bolting an awning, or really anything to their truck, so using some stronger zip ties instead can be a better, albeit more temporary solution.

Instead of getting just one awning, consider two – deploying them on both sides of the vehicle will provide even more precious coverage.

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