Do Fender Flares Prevent Rust?

The main benefits of fender flares on a pickup truck (or any vehicle really) are the better looks, particularly so if it has those large, offset tires, and preventing the road debris from damaging the wheel wells themselves.

The question here though is do they help prevent rust from forming? I mean, fender rust is a common occurrence on any vehicle for that matter, and preventing it from appearing, let alone spreading would be great, right?

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Is It Safe To Stack A Leveling Kit On Top Of A Lift Kit?

To start off, why would anybody even want to do so? One of the reasons, if not primary is to increase the amount of lift the truck already has.

Maybe you’ve driven with a 4 inch kit for some time, but now feel like you want to bump it up a notch – buying a new 6 inch lift kit altogether is expensive, so adding a leveling spacer comes to many minds.

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