The Pros And Cons Of Wheel Well Liners


Reduce noise

Don’t you hate all the sound that comes from the rogue rocks, or really any debris that comes from the road, hitting the inside of the wheel well?

The additional plastic layer of a liner will help dampen that sort of sound – it can be even more important to do so depending on what kind of tire your pickup ‘rocks’, as more aggressive kind can kick up more stuff.

Improve the looks

One of the main reasons why people opt for such an accessory is simply because it makes the pickup truck look sharper.

Depending on the vehicle, the frame parts that are visible out of the wheel wells may end up sticking out too much for your taste, and liners serve the purpose of covering that view.

What i am trying to say is that they do finish and complete the whole look of a truck, and so do a lot of people think the same.

Easier to maintain

Now i am certainly not stating that bare wheel wells are somehow impossible to clean, but compared to liners, it’ll clearly take more time and effort to clean the same amount of gunk.

Add to that, you won’t need to clean those areas as frequently, as it won’t be as easy for water, or really anything else, to reach the actual steel, because there are now liners covering those spots.

If you live in colder states, this can end up being a great thing because of the salt and sand use on the roads.

The bad

In all honesty, there is really nothing negative to say about this product.

Seriously, the only ‘bad’ thing about it is that it’s a yet another excuse for spending more money on your pickup truck!

There are owners who are paranoid that wheel well liners can trap salt, water in between, but i never found that to be a problem on my own ride. And even if you’re that scared about it happening, you can always coat the bare metal first, with something like a bed liner spray, and then install.


It really makes me wonder why such a thing wouldn’t come bundled with the pickup from the factory all the time.

Yes, it’s something you can definitely live without or whatever, but when it comes to the easier clean-up, not to mention the additional benefits, this was enough reasons for me to get a pair.

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  1. Just out right wacko. I was shocked when walking around my soon to be new GM Truck. No rear wheel well liners. What the heck? Because my Dodge Ram has lasted me well over 30 years I had no need to purchase a new truck. In fact my Dodge is still in fairly good condition.
    Forward. Shocked I asked the young salesman about it. He stated that I could purchase them. Color me confused. Raised in the 60’s I guess I don’t get some of the stupid today.

  2. I agree! I just brought home my new 2023 F150, Tremor and noticed no wheel well liners in the rear! Called my salesman and he stated they were an accessory! The Truck cost $75,000 and I have to buy rear wheel liners. I’m not looking to add lights or roll bars or things that REALLY ARE ACCESSORIES, I’m trying to protect my investment and I see rear wheel liners as a, “standard” feature in achieving this, it makes no sense not to have them and I feel like I’m already being nickeled and dimed on day one. Ford needs to do the right thing in my opinion. I’ll be calling Ford in the morning; this is chicken crap FORD!! What a joke!!

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