Are Skid Plates Worth It?

If there’s any mod which can make a pickup truck look more aggressive (except the obvious lift kit), it’s definitely going to be skid plates, in my mind. Looks aside, is there any point in getting one? Depends on what you do… Will you be doing some serious off-roading on your truck? A skid plate … Read more

How to Sleep Comfortably in A Short Bed Pickup Truck

Shorter trucks are easier to use in day to day life, period, but when it comes to using one for those recreational goals like camping, things become a bit more complicated.

And that all has to do with the length of the bed – if your truck has a 5 foot one, chances are you are not going to have the greatest time when trying to overnight there.

That being said, there is still a method or two you can try to make it all worth it. Here are tips on how to make that sleeping experience a bit more easier in a short box.

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Should I Keep The Tow Hooks or Go For a Bull Bar?

Both these things are entirely different from each other, though the reason why fans have an issue deciding between the two is because in order to install the bull bars, more often than not the tow hooks have to be removed.

So on that note, the question I will be answering on this article is “is getting rid of the tow hooks for a bull bar any good of an idea”?

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